That wasn’tthe plan.

But, perhaps it was? For us this is coaching. A plan with the courage to counter plan. A path on wrong theoretical ways. A trainer with trained adaptability to situations; and participants who can unfold freely unaffected from all this; at places that call for a look outside the box and invite to lose oneself in monologues or to throw oneself into dialogue;
with us in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps or anywhere else in the world. Where we connect indoors with outdoors, put together the desired package and provide the right team coach at the same time. 
Whether hanging off the rock or flapping around philosophically, depends on you and the objective. A plan with the courage to come up with a counter plan.

Management. Development of personality. Communication. Conflict resolution. Work organisation. Strategic orientation.

At a glance

  • For executives, individual departments or cross-project teams 
  • Indoor and outdoor or in combination
  • With one or more coaches
  • Offered by the hour to several days a week
  • From one-time or by the dozen
  • From training module to complete handling
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There isa lot of potential.

The reasons for team coaching are as manifold as are the problems caused. Even if the lights are on, there are recurring challenges that joint working life causes. It is not seldom about communication and too little time for human aspects in the company. Or the opposite, namely that interpersonal concerns become rampant. Both are no good, and are responsible for a feeling that things could somehow go better. Our professional coaching seminars are tailor-made and unravel many knots: In a team and with each individual, in different areas, in unusual places and with a lasting effect.


Systemic coach, mindfulness trainer, ski mountaineering trainer, editor, process consultant, social pedagogue - who is the right person, decides the task and the human chemistry. That's why our trainers have their say here and you get your money's worth for getting to know each other.

Theo Bergauer

Team development, talent development, value-oriented management, confident communication, potential development, agile management systems and change management

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Christian Thiele

Individual and team coaching, positive leadership, conflict management, outdoor training

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Gitta Battran

Team development, team building, mindfulness, communication, self-awareness, self-reflection, experience-oriented learning

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Hans-Jürgen Lenz

Team coaching, personality development, mediation, training managers, organizational development

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Matthias Winter

Solution-focused coaching, mental coaching, coaching with actors, personality development / guidance, cultural development, communication, innovation

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is relevant for business coaching. The chemistry between participant and coach must be right and the latter must fit the company's tasks. That's why the personalities of our coaches are just as diverse as their professional focuses.


Self-awareness, change management, future for your culture, spiral dynamics, theory U, double diamond - the word team coaching nevertheless produces joy of understanding. But our coaches also have all other terms not only on their radar, but in their blood, and together with you they drop the clichés. 

Let us get onwith it.

Now we are getting to the point putting our coaching order bestsellers on the agenda. Programmatically nature-loaded, technically solution-oriented and humanly rock-solid.

Something against stress

The mission:
"My people need a stress seminar, which is not only called that, but which improve good mood and which in the medium term will bring their performance back up. Do you have any idea on that ?

The programme:

An alpine retreat in the Wetterstein mountains. Secluded and exclusive. Three days above the big and the small things. Accompanied by resourceful and mindfulness trainers who uncover stressors, develop individual relief strategies and make them tangible in nature. Alone, in small groups and with the premise of successfully implementing in the valley what you have experienced on the mountain.