First of all, veganground meat, please.

A chip off the old block. We are also breaking new ground in the area of workplace health promotion by combining unusual events with proven measures and gladly relocating them to the outside with the aim of regularly knocking you and your employees socks off, and peeling them from health prejudices to really get the taste, sustainable, moving.
This could, for example, be a meeting beyond the coffee-break protocol. Active breaks in inspiring locations, relaxing units from back to head as well as healthy food and drink in a smoother way. Many a person is surprised at what is possible and, above all, that this was company health promotion now.

Work-life balance. Stress management. Food. Mindfulness. Productivity. Motivation. Satisfaction. Prevention. Occupational safety. Competitiveness.

At a glance

  • For departments, cross-project teams or the entire company
  • Indoor and outdoor or in combination
  • With specialist cooperation partners
  • From one-off events to series events
  • From conference-integrated to detached
  • From stocktaking and implementation to quality control
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Clip clop offyou go.

We take a sober view of the issue of workplace health promotion; and concentrate on the essentials between an outmoded image and a hyped must-have. Namely, that it simply makes sense and will continue to make sense in the future to have health-promoting measures incorporated into everyday working life, as the employee is the employer's capital and in total the person usually spends the most time at work. It is therefore obvious that this is precisely where quality of life can be improved and stress reduced. With an impulse that not only knocks, but also opens the door for successful implementation. We have our hands on the door handle with tailor-made events: Active offers from Nordic walking to e-bike tours, brain jogging with life kinetics, mindfulness training, accompanied smoking cessation, herbal workshop on the mountain meadow, exercise measures from yoga to back school, nutritional counselling for everyday work, burnout lectures by former professional athletes and much more - do you say “come in” ?

Holger Stromberg

"Let us get you interested in the food of the future"

We will meet you emotionally where you feel most comfortable: in your kitchen at home.

Sven Hannawald

"Work-life balance: the basis for long-term success”

Valuable tips for work-life balance, mindfulness and healthy leadership.

Free of charge

Our company health promotion events are not free, but are often subsidised by up to 50 per cent by health insurances.


According to scientific research, 10,000 steps per day are considered necessary for health. Office workers only make an average of 1,400.

What ashame.

Workplace health promotion is a process that begins with a thorough analysis of the current situation. To this end, we have strong cooperation partners at our side, whose preparatory work is followed by tailor-made implementation.

Nature. Health. Experience.

The main thing is “to be out and about” instead of higher, faster and further. Without smartphone and the like, we use the good old map on an (e)Bike or hiking tour. Of course, our guides who not only have background knowledge suitable for the route, but also have one or the other surprises to hand. Whether tasting wild herbs, water tasting, yoga breaks or life kinetics exercises - a lot happens in between and the path is the goal.