Almost likemum.

We think for you and believe that your event is the MOST IMPORTANT one in the world. We see this through until everything is over and done with.   We will give you an honest feedback because we want the BEST for you only.   We are your event agency in the Alps, and almost like mum when it comes to your event. And much more. After all, our personal network has the globetrotter gene and we have the courage to let our creativity run away with us at the right moment. You're in for a treat.
For example, a committed village that we brand exclusively, bring guests from A to B by sustainable means of transport, and drive everything from sheep to brass band. The “unforgettable experience” button is often pressed after a gala dinner on top of the highest mountain in Germany Zugspitze, during a private function and with an open panoramic view of the mountains.

Concept. Organisation. Technique. Decoration. Catering. Presentation. Guest relations manager. Participants management. Cost control.

At a glance

  • From concept to complete handling
  • Offered by the hour to several days a week
  • From 20 to 2000 persons
  • From mountain meadows to North Sea island
  • Indoor and outdoor or in combination
  • From telephone participant management to motivating alpine guides
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Through othereyes.

No matter if incentive, team building, product presentation, kick-off meeting, conference or other event form - the occasion may be different, the DNA is always Alpin Convention. What does that mean ? Experienced people who bring idea and reality together, who manage team processes instead of one-man shows, and all-in-all own a network that you can't buy for money. Mountain guide, food lorry driver, carpenter, ecotrophologist, rickshaw driver or the hut landlord with the most beautiful tiled stove. In addition, keeping an eye on costs and the tendency towards events that are sustainable and create added value instead of simply taking place.

293 +

Only we know unusual places in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen area; whether high on the mountain, close to the water or on the meadow with a far view.

Schorsch S.

Works in our wonderland. And as the good spirit of the camp, the fairground stall and the snuff machine are produced for a change.

You can’tforget.

Your scope meets our possibilities. And they are, even if we have the Alpin in our name, not limited to mountains, nor to a certain season. With an affinity for outdoors, emotionally dissipating and with a tendency to remember. Here to find and filter individually.

Tree of success

At this team event, customs and company identification are sustainably mixed. Under the expert guidance of carpenters, painters and florists, an individual tree of success will be built based on the Bavarian Maypole tradition. Working in teams the bark is stripped from the tree, which is then painted in the company colours and anchored in a prepared foundation. Supplementary "guild boards" with company goals and successes are attached in the same way as fir branches bound to wreaths. At the end all groups are brought together and accompanied by traditional brass music. The guild boards can find a place in the company and also the wood finds further use.