No matter howyou look at it.

We are event organizers. And, we want to make your event special. Therefore, we give you our kaleidoscope of experience, cost consciousness and many ideas. No matter how you look at it.

Team coaching

From subject specialist to the alpine challenger. From professional to personal objectives. One-time coaching that improves agility in the team. Accompanying coaching that confronts change. Management coaching that challenges and encourages managers. Team coaching that is thought differently and combined with outdoor.


Health management

From maintaining to strengthening employee health. From a daily programme to a series of events. Healthy food that can be experienced. Movement that can also move into everyday life. Stress management that is approached individually. Health promotion that is not just any course, but tailor-made.



From participant management to complete handling. From a handful to a group of hundred. Incentives that reward and motivate employees. Team building that connects people away from everyday life. Events that stage companies and products individually. Conferences that break new ground in informing.


At homein the mountains.

We reach places that are otherwise not within reach, recycle locations through insider knowledge and think in all directions. The private mountain hut door opens and a spectacular view appears. With summit or without.