We arespecial.

Events, team coaching and workplace health promotion are our hobby horses, which we saddle individually and send on an adventure trip with the right rider.

About us

That wasn’tthe plan.

But, perhaps it was? For us this is coaching. A plan with the courage to counter plan. A path on wrong theoretical ways. A trainer with trained adaptability to situations. And participants who can unfold freely unaffected from all this. At places that call for a look outside the box and invite to lose oneself in monologues or to throw oneself into dialogue.

Team coaching

You have reachedAlpin Convention.

Alpin Convention is your business partner in the German Alpine region.
The event agency in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, with the courage to think differently and the size to pull this off. A committed village, 500 men in the forest or a fish market as congress location.

About us

First of all, veganground meat, please.

A chip off the old block. We combine workplace health promotion with extraordinary events and bring well-known measures to the outside world; with the aim of regularly knocking you and your employees socks off, and peeling them from health prejudices.

Health Management

We are well-establishedand experienced.

More than 25 years of experience and everything from a single source: From event conception, invitation dispatch and participant management to implementation. More than 20 Alpin Convention heads are spinning and are talking to one only.


Almost likemum.

We think for you and believe that your event is the MOST IMPORTANT one in the world. We see this through until everything is over and done with. We will give you an honest feedback because we want the BEST for you only. We are your event agency in the Alps, and almost like mum when it comes to your event. And much more.